Safety Health Environmental and Quality

  • We strive to comply with all applicable Legal Industry
  • Stallion is committed in full compliance with all applicable legal Health, Safety and Environmental Requirements.
  • Stallion Security will ensure that a complete Safety file according OSH Act and Stallion standards will be placed on site.
  • Part of our induction is to provide not only security but also safety, health and environmental awareness training and education for our employees.
  • Communication with employees and recognition of their initiatives and achievements towards improvement.
  • Toolbox Talks will be held to ensure safety awareness.
  • Setting and Implementing SHEQ Contingency Plans to minimize and curb and risk, as per requirement.
  • The PPE that is suitable for the site will be provided prior to the guard being deployed on site and such will be monitored
  • Regular Security Audits, which will include SHE recommendations. will be conducted by a manager who has the required qualifications within this scope of duty.
  • Site Surveys will include identifying security, safety health and environmental hazard identification and suggesting mitigating controls and measures to reduce risks.
  • The company recognises that it has a direct and indirect impact on the environment, the company strives to improve and promote sound environmental practices through its business objectives and company strategies.
  • The staff will be coached on the benefits of minimising consumption of energy, water and land, where possible and the reduction of waste generation as well as contamination of air, water and land by attempting to reduce waste/contamination at source and to re-use and recycle materials where practical.